How to Recover Facebook Messages Which Are Deleted

Facebook Messenger messages
Facebook Messenger messages

Do you want to know if it is possible to Recover Facebook Messages? we are going to show you all the details about the possibility of getting hold of these conversations.

The first thing you should consider in this regard is that although we cannot unfortunately, recover deleted messages from Facebook Messenger. You do have an alternative at hand that can be equally effective in these cases.

The truth is that although we will show you all the details below, you have to know in the first instance that unfortunately there is no way to recover the messages deleted from Facebook Messenger.

What you need to know from now on is that it is convenient to archive the messages instead of deleting them because that way you can recover them whenever you want.

Recover archived messages from Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger messages
Facebook Messenger messages

Although as we said before, regrettably there is no way to recover deleted messages from Messenger, you have to know that in any case, we do have the possibility of recovering Messenger’s archived messages, and that is precisely where we want to give you a hand.

The truth is that there is even the chance to recover the Facebook Messenger archived chats from both the computer and the mobile, so we’re going to show you each of the alternatives.

In case you want to Recover Facebook Messages from the PC, follow these steps:

  • Open Facebook on your computer from any browser
  • Go to Messenger, in the upper right corner of the screen
  • Given the option “See all messages in Messenger”
  • On the left side of the screen, go to the Settings icon
  • Select the option “Archived conversations”
  • In the list of conversations, those that did not appear in the original list will appear
  • Click on the chat that interests you, send a message, and it will automatically return to the list of most common Facebook Messenger conversations.
Deleted Facebook Messages
Deleted Facebook Messages

Recover Facebook Messages from the official application

  • Open the Messenger or Messenger Lite application on your mobile
  • Write in the search engine the name of the person with whom we have chatted and then archive that conversation
  • Send a message, and the conversation will be deleted immediately

As you may have noticed, especially considering that many users are unaware of the option of archived messages, we are in the presence of a series of really interesting content, which allows us to make the most of each of the conversations that are part of Messenger.

Some time ago Facebook has its own instant messaging application, Facebook Messenger. This application is increasingly used and more popular and allows us to be in direct communication with our contacts in the social network.

The messages we receive may be on a professional level and sometimes on a personal level, so we will see how to recover deleted Facebook Messenger messages.

How to recover Deleted Facebook Messenger messages

Recover Facebook Messages
How to recover Facebook Messenger

It has happened to all of us that we have been cleaning content and have erased more than we wanted.

If we have been deleting conversations in Facebook Messenger and we want to recover a message, the first thing we have to do is download the Es File Explorer application, which can be downloaded in the Google Play Store for free.

Open the application and go to Storage or MicroSD Card> Android> data. We scroll through the data page until we find the folder com.facebook.orca. We double-click on the folder to open it.

On the next page, we select the cache folder and then fb_temp. Here are all the backup copies of Facebook Messenger, so we can retrieve information from both individual conversations and group conversations that we have had through this application.

Recover deleted Facebook Messenger messages from your computer

If we do not want to make the recovery of deleted messages through mobile or tablet we can do it through the computer.

First, connect the Android device to the PC through a USB cable. Once the computer has recognized the device go to MicroSD Card or Internal Storage> Android> Data> com.facebook.orca> Cache> fb_temp.

Make backup

In order to recover the deleted chat records, it is necessary that we make a backup of our conversations with a certain frequency. For this, there are several options.

Method one to back up conversations in Facebook Messenger

This method is applicable from any browser on PC:

  • Click on the top right of Facebook> Settings
  • Download a copy of your information
  • Create my file

This way you make a backup even of your profile, so be careful when storing it.

Method two to back up conversations in Facebook Messenger

This method is applicable directly from Facebook Messenger which is used to Recover Facebook Messages.

  • Connect the device to the WiFi network
  • Log in to Facebook Messenger
  • Select a contact and keep it pressed
  • Select File in the pop-up window
  • When the conversation disappears that means it has been archived and can be recovered in case of deletion

The issue is when we eliminate them and we want to recover those Facebook conversations. That’s why in this article I want to show you exactly how to Recover Facebook Messages, read on.

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Recover deleted conversations from Facebook

Sometimes the conversations that we delete are not completely eliminated, but they are filed in a part of the message part. It is not at all complicated to access this section to verify effectively if the conversation you want to recover is right there.

To find this part, you must go to the message part on Facebook from a computer. Then what you’re going to do is go to where it says ” See everything in Messenger ” and load a page where we only have the conversations. Here what you should do is go to the top left, in the gear in question and once you click on it you should be shown several options, one of these is ” Archived conversations ” click on that option.

Recover Deleted Chat Facebook

Unfortunately there is no other effective method to find the deleted chats of Facebook, the one I mentioned above is the only one that gets as close as possible and there is no way to retrieve conversations with another method, because Recover Facebook Messages in this sense is quite strict if we go to the case so once deleted permanently, you can forget about that conversation forever.

Also, if you think you know another method to recover the deleted chats from Facebook. Do not hesitate to tell us in the comments you can find a little below as well as any questions.

Have you been able to recover deleted messages from Facebook Messenger with this step by step?