How To Make Money From iOS Application Development


You want to get rich.  Not with the lottery, smuggling or the stock market. Create something, create something out of nothing. Something the world needs too iOS Application Development can provide you a whole lot of money and fame.

These small programs have become so popular in recent years that they almost forgot the original utility of a mobile phone.

With the apps, mobile phones can now find ways to watch my sleep, beautify my home, and become a chessboard and a flashlight. Even the German star chef Alfons Schuhbeck has now released an app: With 60 of his “favorite recipes” helps me the phone while cooking. Madness.

Since the computer company Apple presented the iPhone in 2007, the phone has become a beloved all-rounder and constant companion. If you buy a new and extraordinary program for your mobile phone, it makes it a little bit special.

iOS Application Development is not trivial. There is a lot of bureaucracy to overcome and different methods for developing apps.

The programmers of some successful apps have become millionaires overnight. And we know you want that too.iOS Application development is not an easy task you need to be clever and efficient but hard work can lead you to achieve impossible stuff.

The market is far from exhausted. Worldwide, there are an estimated 75 million smartphones, more than every second is an iPhone. Germany is explicitly mentioned as a market with “strong growth”. In its App Store, Apple counts more than 225,000 applications that have been downloaded about five billion times, or 140 million euros each month for the 125,000 developers. They cannot all be so much more brilliant than me.

iOS Application Development banner
iOS Application Development banner

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Steps to Earn By iOS Application Development:

1. Buy A MacBook

The new MacBook Pro has a touchscreen bar. Apple has shown its new MacBook Pro and wants to score with something new. Instead of the toolbar, there is a narrow touchscreen bar. This should consciously remember a smartphone.It is one of the basic need for iOS application development.

In the beginning, you have to think about which platform you are developing or which the potential customers are using. In front of the iPhone, the answer to this question was mostly J2ME (Java 2 Micro Edition), because almost every cell phone could cope with it. Today there is no way around Apple if you want to serve a large market: 45 million iPhone owners worldwide are a high house number.

Only three million people have cell phones running Google’s Android system. And that is already the second largest market. In addition, the iPhone user buys apps more often: About every second beats at least once a month. For Android users, it is only 18 percent.

The programmers of the game manufacturer Larva Labs had to say the leisurely: They had two games in the top ten of the Android market. Still, the revenue was just $ 62.39 per day. In contrast, there are on the Apple side of the story of Ethan Nicholas, He that made his game “iShoot” in the App Store around $ 21,000 – per day.

“IShoot” is a tank game for the iPhone – it is used to fight with rockets and bombs his opponent. Within five months, Nicholas earned $ 800,000.So a MacBook has to be because iPhone apps can only be tinkered on an Apple computer.


2. Get the Developer Package

On the developer side of Apple, you can download the so-called SDK (Software Development Kit). This includes the XCode tools needed for iOS application development. There is also an iPhone simulator on which you can test the app.

The Berlin developer Ivo Wessel also downloaded the SDK two years ago. “With the development of the app, it is obvious to some people that it’s like a lottery: You keep hearing about people who have become rich overnight. That inspires. ”

Previously, the 44-year-old had developed PC business software for 25 years and only found Apple with the iPhone. “With the building blocks in the Developer Kit, you can get very far. This resulted in such famous apps as the flashlight app, which only lights up the display brightly, and the spirit level. These are good finger exercises for starters. ”

3. Learn Objective-C

Apple has more of its devices and apps talk.Apple opens the door for wider use of speech recognition. All app developers will be able to include “Siri” in their applications. In the fall, the talking assistant also comes on a Mac computer.

Apple uses a special programming language for its apps: For the development, they have developed the Cocoa Touch Framework. In its libraries, programming interfaces (APIs) and Runtimes Objective-C is used. Objective-C is an object-oriented programming language based on Smalltalk. Ivo Wessel: “Knowledge in C ++, Java or C # is practical. Practical with Objective-C: This is also the language for developing Mac software; so anyone who learns this for the iPhone could also write Mac software. ”

You cannot get around this programming language. Because in point 3.3.1 of the license conditions to be accepted by all iPhone developers, it is now stated that the code for an application must originally be written in Objective-C, C or C ++. Developer tools like Titanium, PhoneGap or Monotouch may not be used anymore.

These are programs that help craft apps with a simple interface. They also had the advantage that you could develop an app for multiple platforms simultaneously, so in parallel to the iPhone app and an Android app. But this is exactly what Apple wants to prevent now: What the iPhone has, should have no other.

So get to the many books and buff. “It’s a bit of a hassle,” says Ivo Wessel, “but when you’re ready, you’ll have your first app after just a few days.”

4. Begin to code

Write, reject, rewrite, and start over. Tip: always make small projects. For example, first of all, bring something to the screen. And then something that was planned as well. And so it goes on: A surface becomes a geometric shape, then it gets structure, and at some point, you create it, that it moves. If you want to get ahead, you have to do more than invest a free weekend.

You can also go back to practicing: The SDK contains ready-made code packages that cover most of the development steps. You can look at it in the editor and go back the development steps. So one gradually understands the blueprint and finds in its parts that you may even take over in your own project. So you can move forward quickly.

5. Register as a developer

Register As iOS Developer
Register As iOS Developer

The simple download of the SDK was still free. If you have now tried and understood Objective-C, you need a developer license from Apple. In Germany, this is available for 79 euros annually. If you have signed the contract, you can now test its code on the real iPhone, so far, everything was just a simulator on the computer.

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6. Be patient

You should plan for about two months for the first app. You should be prepared for a good deal of frustration. But the most important thing for the app is the clever idea, plus a nice design – so you can kindle a wildfire. The program does not necessarily have to be programmed so complicatedly. That’s what Ivo Wessel says: “When I was still a PC programmer, it was mostly about functionality. But Apple users design spoiled. They want colorful icons, animations, a sexy interface. If you have two apps with the same function, then in doubt, the one that emits more and not always the one with the better programming. ” It is one of the most important step in iOS application development process be patient and stay calm.

Wessel has developed the art gallery app “Eyeout”. It tells you when and where which exhibition takes place and, most importantly, when it ends. “I have missed so many beautiful exhibitions that does not happen here anymore.” Wessel, himself an art collector, offers the program in the App Store for 5.99 euros. “Eyelet” was already in eighth place in the German travel charts.

7. Transfer your app to Apple

The big moment. For the App to get into the App Store, you have to submit it to Apple. This is done by uploading to an Apple-provided web portal “iTunes-Connect”. Now it’s time to wait. All submitted apps are checked in a central release point.

Apple employees examine the work for stability and content. According to Apple, 95 percent of apps are reviewed within seven days. If this is okay from Apple’s point of view, it will be made available on the App Store. If not, the developer receives a notice with a rejection or with a request to provide a correction version.

This method is also criticized by many developers. Some speak of censorship by Apple – what does not fit them into the business model, they did not leave in the App Store. Giants like Google are struggling with the approval process: for example, Apple did not allow Google Voice, and for Google Latitude Google had to build a web-based version to avoid Apple’s rigorous treatment.

8. Spread your app, keep working and get rich

This is the last step of how you will earn through iOS application development.The apps perform so poorly on the test, Almost five million Germans use online banking on their smartphone or tablet. Stiftung Warentest has examined 38 of the apps. With terrifying results.

With the release of the App Store, the work is not over yet. People need to know that there is a new best app in the world. Attention comes from word-of-mouth propaganda, advertising, social media, free demo versions. Even programming has no end: users will log in and report errors in the app. Then you have to improve quickly, otherwise, it hails bad reviews.

And that with the millions is also such a thing: “Wealth, of which we all somehow dream,” says Ivo Wessel. “But often the business model is missing. Mostly the apps are too cheap. But users are willing to pay three to five euros for a good app. “The average price of an app is $ 3.04, for games $ 1.39. One-third of the proceeds will be retained by Apple. It’s a long way to go before you can call yourself a rich man.

At first, every waitress job will bring in more money. But when I’m asked what I do for a living, I can say, “iOS Application developer.” That feels very much like the avant-garde. Also a kind of wealth.

I hope you are going to like my this post on How to earn through iOS application development which will surely help you and will motivate you to work on this circle and earn through iOS application development.