The Official First Look and Specs of LG G7 ThinQ


Having the Smartphone is the oxygen for the new generation.

As there are a lot of Mobile Phone Companies are in the marketplace but some of them are just Awesome.

Hello Guys, today we are to share with the most beautiful and most powerful smartphone.

As I told before, There are a number of cellphone companies in the market.

How to choose best one from them?


Today we are going to talk about a brand new mobile which will change your personality and your life.

This advance level look phone is developed or created by LG.

The word LG stands for Life’s Good and this company is in the world’s top smartphone list.

LG is a Korean company and it makes Electronics products, Chemicals, Telecom products and much more and supplies those goods to more than 80 Different countries.

The LG was put-forward on January 5, 1947, and Founder of it is Koo In-hwoi.

Nowadays, LG company is making and selling smartphones Online and offline and doing a lot of improvement in their old products for the customers.

The New Mobile phone by LG is going to release in 2018.

The name of the upcoming phone is LG G7. 

You can see some photos of G7 from below:

LG G7 First Look

LG G7 first look

lg g7 reviw first look

LG company said that they improved their features from there all old products and add a lot of new features in Lg G7.

Some Changes are given below:

  • High-Quality Display.
  • A lot of improvement in Audio quality.
  • Metal body.
  • A very good High Definition Camera.
  • Powerful Battery for a long run time.
  • Curved Screen for better Result.
  • Video Quality is Ultra High Definition.

LG G7 Price

LG Smartphones are the world’s 6th most sales cell-phones. The Official price is not confirmed for this phone but the developers of G7 said that it will be under 700$ to 1500$.

The price is not confirmed because the work is going on it, and Others companies products like Samsung, iPhone etc.

They are also launching new mobile phones in the market.

The other products are just like a rock on the road or speed breaker on the road.

Not only for LG. This issue is also for iPhone. The Developers of LG G7 Will confirmed the price of upcoming phone soon.

LG G7 Gaming Features

games on lg g7

There are a lot of people who just in love to play games on phone.

But as we know, we cannot play much game in the just single phone.

Some mobile phones have huge memory but RAM is small.

IF some phones have perfect storage and RAM, the version of Operating System makes some issues for the running game in it.

For that, LG company is going to make the new phone ( G7 ) for the perfect fit for gaming and other stuff.

As we told before, This has big HD Screen for better showing gaming characters while playing games and they much more will add High Processors for Running game smoothly and Huge RAM for increasing the speed of games.

It means The latest Mobile Phone by LG is also for Gaming :).


The LG G7 ThinQ will be announced on May 2, 2018.

I hope a lot of people are waiting for a complete article for this smartphone so wait for its announce date after that we will update this article and add much more information about this advanced smartphone.

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