At the point when compared with previous titles from a similar organization, Ubisoft’s Immortals: Fenyx Rising feels like a strong alter of course in the best of ways. The game doesn’t spare a moment to go astray from the standard set by Ubisoft’s past games. All things being equal, it tosses you into a pristine open world that anxieties upon and rewards player disclosure and investigation. The world itself has incredible breadth and scale, and it feels as though everywhere is covered with lively and engaging amazements holding back to be found. The game tends not to pay attention to itself as well, yet rather has a light, comedic contact to it. This does something amazing and nearly causes you to feel like you are playing a dream picture book rejuvenated. There is an astounding measure of variety and a sensation of incomprehensibility all over, from the regions all through the game, to the vegetation. As it were, this game wanted to play an adoration letter to 2017’s The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, as Ubisoft astutely fused their own customary open world equation in with the general mish-mash that gave this game its own exceptional appeal.


Occurring in Greek folklore, Immortals begins with Typhon, an immense evil spirit, catching all the Gods and turning each human to stone. That is each human aside from the hero, Fenyx, who is a humble shield-conveyor. The whole game is given structure as a story being told by Prometheus (voiced by Elias Toufexis) to Zeus. The story is genuinely happy, and the dynamic of Prometheus and Zeus is immaculate. It is consistently an enjoyment to tune in to the steady perky interferences while you are finding new things. The objective here is straightforward: Take your time investigating and free the Gods individually. The effortlessness and the vivid world work in agreement to keep you connected for quite a long time.

Graphics Quality:

Immortals: Fenyx Rising looks totally stunning. It feels captivating to meander around in a world plentiful with Greek folklore rejuvenated with quite a staggering degree of detail. Each and every zone is not quite the same as the last and I really wanted to gaze in amazement as Fenyx navigated the abandoned demolishes from the beginning in the game and in the end entered rich, green fields that achieve a feeling of solace. Notwithstanding the voracious bloodlust of the ravenous beasts out to slaughter you, I would have plunked down and just delighted in the air of these areas.

This is totally combined with an enchanting low-polygon tasteful which makes the game not just stand apart among a ton of cutting-edge AAA titles out there, yet in addition, just makes the game look actually outwardly wonderful. While photograph reasonable visuals have their own spot in the gaming medium, this craftsmanship style has its own allure too. This tasteful is being executed in a few games these days, prominently being utilized in games like the new Genshin Impact, other anime-roused activity games like Code Vein and a year ago’s Astral Chain, and in light of current circumstances as well. Relinquishing odd and hyper-nitty gritty photograph authenticity for adhering to a novel and predictable style not just aids the game age well with the consistent development of designs unavoidable with the ascent of cutting edge equipment, yet in addition has it utilize altogether lesser assets than it normally would.

Even though there are still a few territories that cause you to feel like you have returned to Ubisoft’s more seasoned engine, Immortals makes a fair showing of standing its ground and differentiating itself from those more established games. I additionally think it is a decent touch that the measure of the characters you associate with is observably lesser than other open-world games. Doing so guarantees that quality and the degree of detail isn’t being undermined when you do interface with said characters. The craftsmanship or liveliness doesn’t look curious and off-putting at that point. The greater part of the characters you associate with is the Gods, who all have their interesting plans, from the God of riches and benefit, Hermes, to the Goddess of Love, Aphrodite, to the almighty God of Lightning, Zeus, and even the devilish Typhon. Each one of them looks extraordinary and has a characterized feeling of complexity to their plan. The energized tasteful causes them to pull off having more shortsighted facial movements, even though that is not generally terrible and works in the game’s courtesy.

Interactivity and Gameplay:

The Gameplay of Immortal Fenyx Rising is partitioned into three center states. A large portion of your recess will be based on these three essential components: investigation, battle, and riddles. The game handily makes it with the goal that these three states are entwined and thusly, upgrade each other’s effect by coinciding in a practically symphonious state.

  • Investigation, Puzzles, and Traversal:

Investigation is the biggest factor adding to the center interactivity and it is through investigation that you coordinate yourself in the other two variables. One of the most charming features of Immortals: Fenyx Rising is basically that it is so enjoyable to go around and investigate this immersing tremendous world. The sheer fulfillment you settle the score at the smallest of revelations is the thing that makes the game a genuinely captivating and addictive experience.

Each revelation is remunerated somehow: a gaudy new bit of protective layer to zest up your closet, or maybe a superior weapon to slam the adversaries’ heads in with, or possibly another update, or the monetary forms to redesign any of your different capacities. Besides, you can open another Breath of The Wild-like smaller than normal prison sometimes, where you need to settle a gauntlet of riddles. Your daring endeavors are compensated with a lasting update eventually.

The Walls of Tartarus are the smaller than expected prisons that require the player to settle a gauntlet of progressively complex riddles

Moreover, there are different little minigame-like riddles one can appreciate including playing a mystical lute, doing a run long distance race on a clock while avoiding all the hindrances tossed at you, and other incredible ones that I won’t ruin. The riddles were in general excellent, and I delighted in having to really brainstorm the answers for settle them and the prizes picked up were consistently justified, despite all the trouble.

The Zeus’ lightning is one of the different sorts of redesigns you can open through the different exercises present in game.

Truth be told, doing anything in Immortals feels advantageous, and it is made more significant by the game’s straightforward, yet convincing plunder framework. While it may not be as profound as a ton of other plunder centered games out there, it feels effective enough to where you are generally inspired to investigate for new plunder and hardware.

Another angle that makes the investigation in this game inconclusively more pleasant is the crossing. The controls feel responsive and all the activities feel exceptionally quick and top-notch. The way that the game allows you to climb each and every article on the planet feels incredible and gives the word an exceptional and entrancing layer of verticality.

There are times when this technician feels abnormal as the game gets confounded between what object you really need to climb. In any case, it is as yet perfect touch. This likewise fills in as a genuine piece of the ongoing interaction because of the endurance bar and how the player needs to discover different safe spots to remain on and recuperate endurance prior to proceeding with their journey up an enormous landmark. Also, the sheer fulfillment one feels in the wake of figuring out how to finish a long move up a tall pinnacle or slope, and seeing the endless scope spread out before them is a supreme delight.

  • Battle:

The battle in Immortals, while having to a great extent a similar base as the ongoing Assassin’s Creed games, is still fair. Be that as it may, it is as yet not without its flaws. It rolls out certain improvements of its own to separate itself from the AC games, thinking about the more “grounded” setting of those games and figuring out how to not be so malicious.

It is quicker and the assaults will in general feel a lot snappier in correlation. This is to a great extent helped by the way that you can counterbalance practically any assault activity during battle utilizing a brisk evade. This gives Immortals’ ongoing interaction a new movement since the game’s battle is more about zigzagging all around skirmish range between assaults instead of manhandling the helpless assault button.

Something else that makes it get back from Assassins Creed: Odyssey is a Witch Time-Esque mechanism that allows the player a little window of insusceptibility and moderate movement to rapidly surge in and land a couple of hits once they pull off a completely coordinated evade. There is likewise a repel move that allows one to counter different adversary assaults and it is normally fulfilling. Another, in addition, to highlight this is that it intensely urges the player to learn and dominate adversary designs.

Adversaries likewise have a daze check that you develop with a predictable measure of harm after which the adversary gets… all things considered, shocked. Your assaults in that state will in general do much more harm.

You likewise have two kinds of essential assaults. Right off the bat, the light assaults, which the player does by utilizing their blade. These are speedy assaults that don’t do a great deal of harm and don’t achieve any critical development in the paralyze check. These light assaults are likewise unfit to sidestep shields.

Furthermore, there are the moderate, substantial assaults that the player performs with the hatchet. These harm various foes without a moment’s delay because of the hatchet’s wide swing bend. This additionally slices through shields like adulate and constructs the daze check significantly quicker.

The players are likewise outfitted with a bow that can be utilized for since quite a while ago went battle, or in any event, for settling various riddles in the game. The players can target different foe feeble focuses while utilizing the bow that does monstrous harm and essentially develops the staggering measure of bigger foes.

The battle likewise has a very sandbox feel to it. Particularly how it lets the player utilize the climate around them as a battleground to win a battle. No battle is ever a flat correlation of intensity. You can utilize your bracers to lift heavier items during battle subsequent to removing yourself from the foe and toss it at them for a lot of harm. The foes themselves urge the player to utilize the entirety of the mechanics available to them (what great games, or perhaps only masochists) as some of them can bargain an enormous lump of harm while the player is occupied with being excessively forceful. In this way, a solid need to utilize everything in your toolbox is felt when confronted with an intense adversary.

This is additionally combined with some mind-blowing criticism. While the hits, as a rule, feel sufficient, they aren’t anything contrasted with the unadulterated condition of delight the player is presented to as they witness an imposing enemy being shot up in the sky

While this is really fine and causes the battle to appear to be very fun, it does oversell it a piece. The battle in this game is unquestionably not awesome and has its downsides: one of them being the absence of profundity. The occasion to-second battle, notwithstanding clear plenty of alternatives, begins to feel lifeless and shallow.

Everything feels to a great extent fundamental, especially so for the initial not many hours. Another of my significant second thoughts with the game is the camera, which just feels truly off-kilter and unoptimized during battle. This will doubtlessly fill in as an impediment as you at times neglect to see an approaching assault essentially due to the thick measure of calculation disrupting the general flow. It is genuinely a bother.

The player will undoubtedly appreciate it on the off chance that they don’t believe the game’s battle to be the primary draw, however in the event that they go in seeking after something along the lines of, or comparable to, games like the ongoing Final Fantasy 7 Remake, or incredible activity games like Devil May Cry 5 or Bayonetta, they will be woefully baffled with Immortals’ somewhat shallow nature.


Another perspective that truly carried life to this brilliant world was the sound plan. The murmuring of feathered creatures, the influencing of the trees and grass, and the regular sounding whirlwinds all play their separate parts in creation the player experience a feeling of ameliorating isolation as they head out in a different direction.

There is likewise the music and in spite of the fact that it doesn’t especially stick out, it actually adds to the feeling of climate and miracle to the world. For this situation, it is indeed, the unobtrusive idea of the soundtracks that permit you to remain occupied with this rich world.

Regardless of what is previously mentioned, I do imagine that the criticism of handling your hits in battle feels fairly dull and doesn’t affect the scene as much as it should. This is especially more awful for the bow assaults. In some cases, it felt as though the bolts just ricocheted off with power that is close to nonexistent.

Contrasted with the delightful uproarious blast one hears when handling a completing blow onto an adversary, the remainder of the assaults sounded dull and hostile to climactic.


Immortals: Fenyx Rising is a happy story set in Greek Mythology where you play as the modest trooper, Fenyx, who gradually forms into a legend. You are troubled with the undertaking of sparing the world from an underhanded devilish substance known by the name of Typhon and for that very reason, Fenyx searches out the help of different Gods, whom he liberates through the whole of the game’s story.

The whole game is described by Prometheus as he recounts the player’s story to Zeus, which represents a ton of the talk heard all through the game. Albeit adequately pleasant, I can see that being annoying for many players as the story is loaded with such talk. It is a straightforward arrangement done well that starts off somewhat moderate and slips the player into the basics for about an hour or two preceding allowing them to venture out into the greater world, investigating and battling however much they might want as they do as such.

The nice and lively nature of the story is another search for Ubisoft, taking into account how their prestigious Assassin’s Creed arrangement is known to have fundamental lumpy components and a few exciting bends in the road. This is a game that generally needs you to investigate without story substantial cutscenes disrupting everything. Along these lines, the individuals that go in expecting a game that satisfies their requirement for a paramount and grasping story may be disillusioned. Actually, players that wish to appreciate the interactivity and the lovely world in harmony will make some smooth memories, as the game, as a rule, maintains a strategic distance from interferences after the underlying instructional exercise hour.


Immortals: Fenyx Rising uses a low-polygon workmanship style, as previously mentioned. This is a style that vigorously scales back asset utilization while as yet making the game look truly adapted in spite of a general absence of detail, so it puts on a show of being pretty peculiar that the game runs as ineffectively as it does, particularly on the PC.

Ubisoft games have never run well on PC in any case, yet Immortals: Fenyx Rising is an especially terrible case. It is tremendously humiliating that quite an immense game from quite a gigantic distributer runs this seriously and is this shaky.

The game is covered with consecutive crashes, ridiculously long boot up occasions, (the game would freeze in the menu from around 5 as long as 10 minutes before really stacking up) unbelievably high measure of CPU and GPU utilization and for my situation, the two of them being on 100% during the time I went through with the game.

I played it on an 8 GB GTX 1070 with a Core-i7 9400f and I could scarcely get 40, not to mention 60 FPS on ordinary or even low settings. I tried out different games to ensure it wasn’t an issue with my PC alone and everything ran consummately aside from this specific game. It’s confusing that it runs as inadequately as it does, also, I earnestly trust that probably a portion of this should be fixed with the game’s guarantee.


Immortals Fenyx: Rising is a strong open-world activity experience game that doesn’t fail to remember its place. This is matched with a great story and some energizing battle that keeps one engaged all through its runtime.

In any case, I would not say that it is, in any capacity whatsoever, an otherworldly replacement to 2017’s The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild, chiefly in light of the fact that while it utilizes its equation, it doesn’t figure out how to make any huge enhancements to said recipe.

It has a strong center ongoing interaction circle, delightful visuals, a decent story, fun battle yet when such an extensive amount the game causes you to feel like you are playing a totally unique game, you are frequently left thinking about what is even the point, if not to take advantage of a famous idea and butcher it.

It does not have a great deal of the viewpoints that makes Breath of The Wild quite an extraordinary game; especially its peaceful, wonderful sensation of isolation and an open world that responds to pretty much each and every activity you do, from burning down the grass, making an updraft for you fly over, to having your thunderbolts be transformed into exacting small nukes in the event that you use them during the downpour. While I for the most part made some great memories playing Fenyx Rising, I was frequently left contemplating whether I might have recently been playing Breath of The Wild all things being equal, and having a generally comparable, if worse experience.

In which case I think this game figures out how to prevail in its own specific manner, offering an alternate mix of the similar item while blending in parts of their own Assassins Creed establishment, to where I figure some may have an alternate inclination over what they might want to play more, and it is in that opportunity of a decision where the genuine delight of gaming lies.


While kept down by a horde of specialized issues, Immortals: Fenyx Rising offers a kind interpretation of a natural equation. It won’t be a significant raving success that will be Game of The Year material, yet eventually, it doesn’t generally should be. It is a strong title that conveys its guarantee and scope and gives an engaging encounter, especially for players who look for a feeling of experience and disclosure in their open-world games.


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