Facebook Dating: the social network announces a feature of Tinder-style meetings

fb dating feature
fb dating feature

Facebook Dating provides us a lot of fun is certainly an absolute truth. A social network, to make friends, where to organize events, outings and appointments with friends, means to communicate.

Facebook is a platform where people show their emotions, express opinions and share photos. In addition to all this, of course, also understood the knowledge of “new people” to make the thread.

And this Mark Zuckerberg seems to have understood it very well, so much to announce Facebook Dating. A new feature that wants to compete with Tinder, the celebrated online dating app.

Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook will add to its functions that of a dating site for stable relationships.

The CEO and founder of the company gave an announcement at the developers’ conference in San José, California. He also pointed out that the new function “will serve to build real long-term relationships, not mere connections”.

In reaffirming the commitment of the social network to better protect the privacy of users after the Cambridge Analytics scandal, Zuckerberg announced the novelty, specifying that the new function of meetings “is intended to build authentic and lasting relationships, not just an evening”.

Mark Zuckerberg at the opening of F8, the annual developer conference, announced the launch of a new dating service promising more privacy.

On the other hand, promising us more control over the information we make available to the platform.

These are the two main news announced by Mark Zuckerberg during the opening of F8. The annual conference dedicated to the developers of the social network underway in San José, California.

facebook dating feature
facebook dating feature

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Facebook Dating: the social network announces a feature of Tinder-style meetings

In addition to the news regarding WhatsApp, during the F8 2018 conference, a new feature which was shown and surely that will integrate into the social network in the coming months.

This is Facebook Dating, a feature in the style of Tinder that highlights the meetings and relationships, all through the usual app.

Users can create a profile dedicated to meetings separate from the “official” one; the system will then recommend new knowledge based on common preferences, interests and friendships.

Obviously, it is clear that the issue of privacy is a central topic, especially when dealing with this type of service. Precisely for this reason, the profile of Facebook Dating will get separate from the private one and the friends will see any activities that will take place in the new feature.

And, as we all know, this moment is particularly delicate for the topic of privacy. For now, a release date has not been announced for this new feature intended for meetings and we will certainly know more in the coming months.


“We want to unite people”, Zuckerberg continues to repeat, faithful to the new mission that the founder gave the company last year: “Creating community and uniting the world”.

And why not start from couples? “A marriage of three in the United States is born online. 200 million people register on our platform as single, so we decided to think of them “, jokes the young entrepreneur, stating that the new service will get design for” serious relationships, not for the adventures of a night “.

Facebook Dating, this is the name, will be a separate part of the social and will have a different chat.

Dating feature on fb
Dating feature on fb

“On Facebook, 200 million people define themselves as lonely, so it’s clear that there is a wide field of activity.”

The new function will help build real, long-term relationships and is not for one-night connections, “Zuckerberg said.

Everything will revolve around the events close to us: once we have selected what interests us, we will see who else will participate. Potential partners will get suggestion based on the interests and friends we have in common.

A step in this direction had already been made with Discover People: a sort of facilitator of friendships presented at the beginning of 2017. Leap forward in the sector and being able to count on 2.2 billion active users per month.

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facebook privacy policy
facebook privacy policy

Dating aside, the start of Fb8 did not seem like a party. But more a review of the weaknesses of the social network on which Zuckerberg’s team will have to work to regain the trust.

On the stage, the community’s father mentioned them all – fake news, privacy, the integrity of political elections – and spoke of “a difficult year”.

20 thousand people will work to reduce misinformation, spam and suppress false profiles.Cambridge Analytics case: a consulting company that has collected the information of 87 million users to send them targeted political messages. “A serious violation of our trust“, the founder defined it. “It must never happen again“.

Keep in the notice that the users of the dating service will be candidates not from their friends.

So if you are not an fb user and single so facebook can help you in finding your life partner.

Create facebook account for free its a matter 4 to 5 minute and enjoy your life by making new friends.

Facebook Dating Differences

– A parallel or independent profile

Those who decide to try Facebook Dating will be able to create an appointment profile that is separate from the one they currently have in the social network.

– Only elementary data

It seems that the only information that will be visible in this ‘parallel’ profile will be the user’s picture, residence and interests.

– It will not show you in the news feed

According to Facebook, this new tool or dating service will not be visible in the News Feed of users, privacy will be something important.

– You will define the recommendations that will come to you.

You will receive recommendations for appointments or people to know as long as they coincide with the preferences set by the users. In addition, there will be a group or event option.