5 Reasons That Android Is Better Than IOS

Android vs IOS Complete Review

In the modern world, More then 64% Mobile Phones are Android.

The Reason is It is best for use and for multi-tasking.

Hey, Guys today we are going to share with you some special and most interesting thing about it and also we are going to share that why ISO Operating System is not best!

As we know, Android is the most popular and advanced level Operating System Company which is created by Google.

Yeah, Friends, It is also the product of Google.

The Company Google Released First Version of Android in 2008. The First Version of the this OS is just for testing.

But After that, they released Android V1.1 and Named: Petit Four.

According to Google Developers, It is the advanced version of Linux kernel and some features have taken open source software.

As the beginning, this O-System is created only for Touch CellPhones and for Tables.


Nowadays, Google has developed a lot of Android Appliance like Android TV, Android Auto, Wear Operating System for Watches, Gaming Consoles, etc.

Android Mobile phones have a unique and Clean Interface for better performance and user attraction.

The First Android Software Device put forward in 2007 and the latest versions are coming with new features.

Recently, Google Inc Released the latest  Android OS names: Android 8.0 Oreo.

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Now Let’s Talk About IOS.


The  Word IOS means iPhone Operating System and it is a product of Apple Inc.

It is the most powerful OS for smart Phones and Apple export IOS Mobile Phones in All over the world.

The Devices like iPhone, iPad, MacBook has iOS & Mac OS.

IOS is the world’s second most popular and useful Softwares after Android. This is taken from Wikipedia, It means wiki says that it is 2nd most popular.

The First Verison of IOS released on 2007.

Now Let’s Talk about Reasons:

5 Reasons That Android is Better than IOS

There are a lot of reasons that Android is better than IOS. Have a look at some of them below:

Reason #1: Devices

Android mobile phones


The first reason is that there are a number of mobile companies like Samsung, OPPO, QMobile, HTC, Motorola, Nokia and they all have a huge amount of models of mobile phones with Android Operating System.

If we have some issue in the android phone of any type so we can fix it Easily.


When we come to IOS, there are only Apple cell-phones for IOS. we cannot use IOS on another company phone!

If you have got any issue on iPhone, wIt will not solve easily.

Reason #2: Prices of Phones

Android vs iOS


Every kind of Smartphone with any design and specification of Android OS can be the sold at low rates but as compare to Apple IOS,

they are more costly in the marketplace and hard to buy for all.

That’s why Android is also better in Prices as compare to IOS.

Reason #3: Customization

Android Mobile has a special feature that we can customize it according to our style and as our wish.

In android mobiles, we can change wallpapers, we can change icons design by add new themes or launchers, we can add latest fancy keyboards, and Most important is custom ROM.

As we cannot change ROM in apple products. therefore most people like android.

Reason #4: Custom ROM

We can change the operating system software of our phone by add custom ROM and Mostly User do it for increase phone speed and features.

Upgrading the version is the best way to gain the best performance of our phone and we can get a lot of new tools for the better run of our phone.

We can also use SD memory chips that increase our phone storage for keeping more thing in it.

Reason #5: Google Integration

According to our guide, The last reason is that, In android cell-phones, We are able to get a lot of applications and tools for our phone.

We can play a number of different games on android phones for Free.

We are able to solve some issue of Android by installing applications that we can get from Google Play Store for free as Antivirus & Torjun Killer App.

Moreover, we can get Google map, Google Drive, Google+ in that phones but Apple IOS is not able to get all the things.

We are not saying that IOS is bad


We are going to share with you that Android has a lot of features and Specialities as compare to IOS devices.

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